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Laixiaokang:Evaluation and Prospect of Battery Energy Storage Technology

On June 20, the 11th "China International Battery Technology Exchange Conference" sponsored by China Chemistry and Physics Power Industry Association was opened in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition ...

Why lithium battery performance will decline?

Lithium batteries are commonly seen in our daily lives. In addition to being used in electric vehicles, lithium batteries are found in more and more electronic products such as mobile phones and ta...

Electric cars Baotuan lithium batteries, to seek industrial upgrading

As a national key green environmental protection and new energy sources, policies guide and drive lithium-ion electric vehicles, but did not issue a clear "new national standard" - in such a sensit...

Battery serious consequences, to protect the battery three principles

Increasingly sophisticated automotive technology, which made the professionalism of vehicle maintenance put forward higher requirements. Chinese car owners have been accustomed to the 4S shop by ca...

Battery recharge basic knowledge

(1) need to add electricity situationThe battery loaded in the car is recharged by the cars generator. The generator needs to output the current needed for driving and the current to keep the batte...