Laixiaokang:Evaluation and Prospect of Battery Energy Storage Technology

2023-01-30 14:48
On June 20, the 11th "China International Battery Technology Exchange Conference" sponsored by China Chemistry and Physics Power Industry Association was opened in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center

screen. The exchange will be "power battery and storage battery" as the theme, focusing on the battery applications. More than 50 worlds top battery industry experts bright

During the meeting, they delivered keynote speeches and attended more than 800 industry experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from over 50 countries and regions.

China Electric Power Research Institute to come to the well-off director at the conference delivered a keynote speech. The following is the speech content.

To well-off:

Good afternoon, speakers this afternoon will talk to you on the subject of electricity storage.

China Electric Power Research Institute belongs to the State Grid, let me first introduce what we have done in the system battery energy storage technology in recent years.

Institute of battery energy storage of basic research work

We all know that the battery and new energy in electricity, power generation, power distribution in all aspects can play a role. But in the end it can play what role, and how to play a role for the power system is also a new topic. Therefore, we must carry out some basic research work.

We all know that energy storage can be used for large-scale centralized and new energy consumption, but our traditional demonstration work is basically only for a power generation or wind power plant, photovoltaic plant to do a demonstration, these are also in A specific point on the role. But at the system level, what can we do with our big power system? We can do very little research in this area on a global scale.

For example, we are now the stability of power systems, or in the issue of renewable energy consumption, there are dynamic problems, static and static and efficient operation. In the past we used to help regulate these issues with the power plant, but the next step is it possible to use some of the stored energy to solve the systems dynamic and steady-state factors? This is worth our next study. We also know that in the distribution network, micro-grid, energy storage will play these roles, so we also carried out the corresponding demonstration project, but research in this area is just beginning. Therefore, we China Electric Power Research Institute have carried out some basic research work on these issues.

Battery energy storage application demonstration project

We all know that we have done a demonstration project in Zhangbei. In fact, we have all conducted researches on configuration technology, control technology and commissioning technology based on basic research so that we can really promote the smooth development of this project. In Zhangbei project, we realized the main functions of energy storage system, such as smoothing the generation fluctuation, frequency regulation, black start of renewable energy and so on. We put into Zhangbei project by the end of 2011, so far this project is running smoothly without any breakdown. Of course, I will talk about its follow-up evaluation work, but we have successfully completed the work on these energy storage projects.

In addition, we State Grid Corporation of Henan, Zhejiang have launched a micro-grid, grid demonstration project. In the demonstration project of distributed PV microgrid in Henan, we carried out the work of energy storage, energy management, smoothing the volatility of photovoltaic treatment, friendly access to the power grid, and / off-grid smooth switching.

Another of our projects is to work with ATL in Fujian and we are moving forward with lithium batteries as a mobile energy storage substation. We adjust the mobile substation for some seasonal issues and use mobile energy storage to solve the large load difference problem.

For example, Fujian is where tea leaves are grown. It has a very short cooking season in a year. If you configure a transmission station according to the usual wind load, it is certainly unreasonable because the equipment is idle most of the year of. So we put the mobile energy storage substation pushed past to complete the work of the tea season, this approach is very good.

This approach can also be used in our exhibition center power protection work. Now we are in the major exhibition activities in the power, with a mobile energy storage substation can easily achieve our power-saving tasks. This is the case of some of our demonstration projects.

Battery storage system testing and evaluation

This area is more concerned about our power system. We must carefully evaluate various energy storage technologies, grasp their development direction and know which energy storage method is suitable for which direction.

There are a total of 17 applications in five major categories introduced by the EPRI in the power system. I think this may not only be because the technical requirements of each application for energy storage are inconsistent. For example, when battery quality is used, we May be more concerned about the power.

There are a variety of energy storage devices: physical, chemical, electrochemical, etc., which one is more suitable for our battery system unique application? We need to make a careful evaluation.

In the battery evaluation work, we have taken this approach: We have built our own battery characteristics laboratory, the battery characteristics of the laboratory in addition to outside characteristics - that is, in our application of the battery output characteristics, temperature characteristics, we Also built within the characteristics of the laboratory. We hope that in the application period of continuous monitoring, whether we have a certain impact on battery operation, especially in terms of security.

We all know TC battery. Through experiments, we found that after a period of time, only the capacity decay and the decrease of internal resistance can be seen from the external characteristics. These are far from being able to judge whether it is safe or not, which prompts us to study the internal characteristics.

In addition, we have also built a grid-specific laboratory. We have a rule, that is, we use all the equipment must conduct experiments and network. But when we are running another requirement, can not be linked to the network without hanging net operation. Therefore, we hope that through the grid-connected laboratories, we can make all kinds of energy storage technologies have the experience of grid connection under the experimental conditions.

Our evaluation work is our demonstration project. Our previous work in this area was a weakness. Our demonstration project often shows more the function and effect of the product, but some problems will come out in practice.

In addition, safety features, like electric vehicles, remain the main focus of our attention. In the assessment, we will try our best to keep the work closed.

Prospective to the future

Our next priority is to assess the economics of energy storage systems. This issue may involve many people are concerned about is the field of energy storage is not a subsidy policy or a variety of incentives. We also understand this matter with the relevant comrades of the State Council Development Center. They put forward that you want a subsidy policy. Are you ready? How much subsidy you appropriate subsidy how much you can use it? Now its hard work to work out this part of the account and not to mention that it is hard to quantify the use of various tariffs in terms of revenue. It is how much you paid for this operation and how much work to do Can not be assessed. We make a one-time investment, but what is the operating cost? What is the maintenance cost? What is the cost of depreciation? These also need us to accumulate. We can only figure out what kind of incentive policies we know.

In the future, our power grid company hopes to evaluate and popularize energy storage technologies in the basic theory, energy storage ontology technology, application demonstration and comprehensive evaluation. We put forward a focus on long-life, low-cost, high-safety electrochemical energy storage technology, hope to build a sound energy storage system evaluation system, while continuing to carry out a modest demonstration project to work with everyone to jointly promote the development of energy storage.