Electric cars Baotuan lithium batteries, to seek industrial upgrading

2023-01-30 14:48
As a national key green environmental protection and new energy sources, policies guide and drive lithium-ion electric vehicles, but did not issue a clear "new national standard" - in such a sensitive period, the electric car industry surges, lead-acid vehicles to carry out public relations and Game, lithium trains are in the integration of industry resources.

June 21, 2014 This may be an important day to be included in the history of the development of electric vehicles in China. On this day, the Guangdong electric car industry gathered luxury lineup, went to known as the lithium battery in Asia reputation of Jiangxi Yichun, began a three-day industry research and investigation. The delegation includes Guangdong Province Bicycle Electric Vehicle Industry Association, Shenzhen South China Electric Vehicle City, Benzhi, Fujitsu and other famous electric car companies.

This means that more and more Guangdong electric car companies will firmly choose the future of lithium battery. The background of this industry trend is that after the state released the elimination order for exceeding the number of electric vehicles, the new regulations on electric vehicles management will be piloted in Guangdong Province. While implementing the licensing management on electric vehicles, the excessive number of electric vehicles will also enter the phase-out transitional period. This is the long-term good for electric car companies, but in the short term it is bound to bring market pressure and even painful transformation to many electric car makers.

This is because there is a big gap between environmental protection policies and market demand. With a large number of over-standard vehicles with lead-acid batteries have to gradually withdraw from the market, lithium cars for a time difficult to fill the consumer demand exceeds the car. Over-standard vehicles can load, fast, lead-acid batteries and cheaper, lower vehicle prices so people like it; lithium light weight, good lithium battery performance, but also energy saving, but the cost of lithium batteries than lead-acid batteries cost higher than the price Four or five hundred, lithium car as a whole than the lead-acid car above 800 yuan. This will inevitably lead to the implementation of environmental protection policy of lithium electric cars, market development in the face tremendous pressure.

The Guangdong government has imposed the toughest measures on electricity restrictions in China and may start to enforce the "catalog" on the cards in September. The electric car company in Guangdong Yichun trip, the purpose is to layout in advance lithium car market, looking for high-quality lithium battery suppliers, and seek the overall situation lithium car.

Experience Asian lithium are embracing lithium new energy revolution

The Yichun trip of Guangdong electric car enterprises is a kind invitation and full schedule arranged by Yichun famous enterprise "Jiangxi Foster New Energy Group Company".

The visiting delegation and his entourage were deeply attracted by the new achievement of lithium battery in Yichun historical and cultural city. Yichun has a number of state-level business cards, including Chinas livable cities, Chinas best leisure and health city, the world-famous cultural tourism city, and the most popular tourist destination of folk culture in China. Such a pleasant, livable, tourism side paradise, relying on the worlds largest reserves of lithium mine base and other resource advantages, and vigorously promote the lithium new energy industry, but also added a national economic and Technological Development Zone, Chinas first state-level lithium new energy High-tech industrial base and other national business cards.

Yichun is making every effort to build lithium-ion new energy industry chain, "Jiangxi Foster New Energy Group Company" is one of the best. In the global wave of new energy industry revolution, lithium new energy will undoubtedly lead the future economic development of the industry a mainstream, and has become a new hot spot in the world economic map competition.

At nine oclock on the morning of June 22, under the leadership of Foster Tan and General Manager Huang Huasheng, the delegation arrived at the Yichun Economic Development Zone in Jiangxi Province, a high-tech industrialization base of lithium-ion new energy and high-tech industry "Foster New Energy Industrial Park." The entire park covers an area of more than 700 acres, is divided into office complex, staff quarters, research and development center and production workshop area, all the range of orderly, far apart, you can take the lithium car between. The trees and flowers in the park are green and the visiting delegation and their party fully feel the full and comfortable life and workmanship of more than 2,000 Foster employees. Imagine the mighty sea of people on the commute, which is only the lithium capital of Asia Yichun, a microcosm, not only make people feel that spring should be the rapid development of new energy lithium and bright future.

I personally understand Yichun Lithium industry after the actual business, the delegation of their visit to the electric car lithium more full of expectations. It can be said that the lithium capital of Asia are launching lithium new energy revolution, every electric car companies can see the opportunities and prospects for industrial restructuring and upgrading.

Exploring the win-win cooperation lithium lithium lithium demand outbreak

After visiting Foster New Energy Industrial Park, the delegation held a lithium train seminar in the conference room on the second floor of Foster General Office Building. Under the chairmanship of Foster Tancheng and Huang Huasheng, the meeting included Chairman Foster Cai Dao-guo, Production Director and Technical Engineer as well as Vice President of Guangdong Bicycle Electric Vehicle Industry Association, Shenzhen South China Electric Vehicle Yang Hua, general manager of the city, Ben Wang, general manager of electric vehicles Wang Decheng, general manager of Fujitsu electric vehicles Liao Chuanmiao. The two sides mainly focused on the three themes of "Foster Lithium Battery", "New National Electric Vehicle" and "Electrification of Electric Vehicles", and conducted in-depth and honest exchanges and discussions.

Although lithium batteries instead of lead-acid batteries is the future direction of development, but lithium batteries in the electric vehicle lightweight applications also face many market problems. The most prominent is the market acceptance, the average consumer is still more like lead-acid car electric shock, can load, fast. Lithium tram prices higher than lead-acid vehicles, coupled with the early lithium car companies did not make money, these factors have led to a combination of many electric car companies have been on the sidelines of the lithium car wait and see. However, with the gradual introduction of the "new national standard" and the promotion of government policies, the trend toward lithium-ionization of electric vehicles has become clearer.

On how to speed up the transformation and upgrading of "lithium electrification" in Chinas electric bicycle industry, Chairman Cai Dao-guo, chairman of Forster New Energy, pointed out sharply at the meeting that "behind the market for lithium-ion electric vehicles is essentially a new impetus for environmental protection to replace the traditional old impetus Of the industrial revolution. "Participants believe that the current industry is very concerned about how to reduce the cost of lithium battery itself (cost), which in turn can reduce the" lithium car "cost and help to enhance its penetration. At the same time, for the electric bicycle industry, the electric car industry should focus on the future, through the technical means to optimize the vehicle design, effectively improve the drive motor (drive system), thereby reducing its power consumption, thereby reducing battery energy consumption and its Battery capacity configuration, so as to effectively reduce the "lithium battery" costs and help to improve "lithium car" penetration.

Guangdong electric car on the card catalog, the lithium car will usher in the outbreak. Representative Hua Yang Shenzhen, South China Electric Vehicle City, general manager of Yang Hua said that starting from the year after this year, the car sales of lithium cars on the month compared to the same period last year more than doubled to 160 vehicles. According to Wang Decheng, general manager of Benzhi Electric Vehicle, according to the statistics of dealers all over the country, the consumers who buy lithium electric cars this year are mostly young people in cities. Therefore, the current promotion target of lithium electric cars will be young consumers group. Liao Chuanmiao, general manager of Fujitsu electric vehicles, said that electric vehicle manufacturers and lithium battery manufacturers there is a lot of room for cooperation, both sides work together to enhance quality and reduce costs, help to catch the emerging market of lithium cars, the current lithium car Only about 7% share, while the electric car lithium battery will directly give birth to a domestic billions of large market.

Of course, to open up emerging markets, only electric car companies, lithium battery companies to complete this task is very difficult. Lithium batteries are more expensive to manufacture than lead-acid batteries, and state subsidies have never been available. According to media reports, Chinas bicycle electric car industry associations have submitted applications to the Ministry of Industry and other departments report, hoping to use lithium-ion battery electric bicycle can receive 300 yuan to 400 yuan subsidy. "In general, the reason that lithium cars are hard to compete with lead-acid cars on the market is that they cost more than 400 yuan. If the difference can be subsidized, then the advantages of lithium-ion cars are obvious." If so, Will greatly promote the transformation and upgrading of electric vehicles, accelerate the popularization of green lithium car.


Lithium tram is not only in line with the national environmental protection policy, but also the international development trend, is a new green lifestyle. The popularization of lithium trains requires countries to provide environmental subsidies while supporting policies. Social, media and consumers are also required to pay attention to the safety and environmental protection of electric vehicles. Support and cooperation should be provided on cards, environmental trips, and safe travels to eventually achieve win-win results.

The tour of Yichun, a delegation of Guangdong electric car enterprises, took a firm step towards enterprises efforts. We also look forward to the government, society, media, consumers, etc., with more actions to promote and promote the lithium electric car this low-carbon green international fashion lifestyle