Battery serious consequences, to protect the battery three principles

2023-01-30 14:47
Increasingly sophisticated automotive technology, which made the professionalism of vehicle maintenance put forward higher requirements. Chinese car owners have been accustomed to the 4S shop by car for maintenance, everyone knows as the engine, tires, batteries and other important parts have their own maintenance cycle and maintenance needs. Especially batteries, perennial hiding in the dark corner of the engine compartment, is the most easily forgotten parts, but if it is sick, ranging from the vehicle system is not stable, the weight of the vehicle lying directly nest, the consequences are serious! On this summer, you have to take good care of it.

      Battery "sick" seven

     In general, the normal service life of automotive batteries is two to three years; however, improper or neglected maintenance will lead to premature "battery power loss" and shorten the service life of the battery, bringing about seven negative impacts on driving life.

     A sin, the car lying nest, people in embarrassing way. This is an embarrassing incident often encountered by car owners. In particular, when it comes to work at an early peak or when it arrives at an airport, it suddenly plunges into a dilemma of vehicle stalling or fails to start normally. It only makes people lament that "we should check the battery earlier."

     Two sins, the current instability, affecting the quality. For those who buy high-end car owners or expensive entertainment equipment modified enthusiasts, if you do not enjoy the expected sound quality, do not be too busy to doubt whether they have spent innocent money; go check the battery, maybe it is because This negligence to make advanced car audio can not be normal.

     Three sins, damage to the system, increasing car consumption. This is one of the reasons car owners are least aware of vehicle losses. You know, more than 70% of the power system wear and tear are from the battery cold start instant battery power shortage; and battery instability is also very easy to damage other car appliances (such as GPS, etc.).

     Four sins, the computer locked, time-consuming and money. If the battery is completely dead, in addition to letting the car lie in the nest, there may be more trouble waiting for you; sudden interruption of the power supply system will make the onboard computer suddenly locked, the system data is lost, then only go 4S shop decoding can get out of the woods.

     Five sins, battery leak, short circuit. When the battery is used for a long time or not cleaned and maintained for a long time, oxidized white powder will appear at the terminal of the battery to erode the electronic circuit embedded in the engine compartment, resulting in leakage and short circuit, and may even cause vehicle self-ignition.

     Six sins, headlights trance, endangering safety. In the daily operation of the vehicle, in general, it is very difficult for the vehicle owner to directly detect the working status of the battery; however, it can still be intuitively judged with a little attention. For example, the battery will make the headlights become dark due to lack of power, affecting traffic safety at night; especially when the vehicle is idling, if the headlights dim gradually, then the battery must be replaced.

     Seven sins, sentiment in the winter, summer strikes. In the winter, the owners in the north can easily find their own batteries from time to time to make up trouble, so that the vehicle is very entangled; to the summer, the car owners in the South will find their batteries seem very delicate, often playing with lack of power to strike. In fact, to take preventive measures, the key is not to choose expensive, only the right battery.

      Change the battery keep in mind "strong, multi, steady, low"

     In summer, the higher temperature will accelerate the loss of active conduction molecules inside the battery, which makes it easy for those batteries at the health critical point to crush "heat stroke" in hot weather. Therefore, the owners want to escape the "summer lie", in addition to develop good car habits outside; the most important thing is to use the battery 2-3 years later, timely testing and replacement. Some high-end battery brands in the major cities in the countrys high-end retail stores are equipped with professional automotive battery testing equipment; car owners into the store as long as 10 minutes, you can get the battery "medical report."

      In addition, the selection of batteries also have a lot of stress, the owners are master "strong, multi, steady, low" word tips. First of all, the battery starting current is stronger, which directly affects the vehicle electrical and powertrain. Typically, 70% of vehicle powertrain wear occurs in "Cold Start Dry Friction", which can greatly aggravate the wear and tear on the powertrain if the battery is unable to provide a strong and steady current, multiple ignitions in a short period of time, and long idle times .

      Second, the number of batteries to start more, which means that battery life and product cost is higher. The positive grid inside the battery provides the energy needed to start the car and corrodes after a period of use. Positive grid corrosion is the most common mode of battery failure. Therefore, the ability to effectively improve the positive grid corrosion resistance of the battery, thereby enhancing the frequency of use and durability of the product, is to determine the key to automotive battery product quality.

      Third, the performance of the battery should be stable. Many car owners do not know that the battery not only plays a role in the running of the vehicle, but even in the parking spaces, the battery is still powering the electronic anti-theft system of the vehicle and other equipment. Therefore, the stability of the battery is closely related to vehicle safety.

      Finally, the car owners in the frigid or tropical areas pay special attention to the fact that when you need to travel in extreme temperatures, a temperature-tolerant battery can certainly save you a lot of trouble. Some advanced battery products have a 70% higher conductivity than ordinary batteries and a 66% improvement in corrosion resistance. It is also a very "reliable" option to stay healthy at a temperature of minus 60 ° C.

      Protect the battery "three noes" principle

      In general, the normal life of car batteries for 2-3 years; if in the process of daily use car adhere to the "three noes" principle, you can extend the battery life.

      First of all, in the flameout state, you can not use the car electrical equipment for a long time. Some owners after turning off or listen to radio or watching DVD, doing so, although you can fuel-efficient, but will deeply hurt the battery, some worth the candle.

      Secondly, do not use the external power supply equipment in the state of flameout. Now, many car owners will always be equipped with car vacuum cleaners, portable inflatable pumps, etc .; need to be reminded that should not be in the vehicle off state use these external power supply equipment. Due to the power of these devices are relatively large, will soon run out of storage battery car, affecting the normal start of the vehicle.

      Finally, do not forget to turn off the headlights after parking. Mr. Wang went to Hangzhou, traveling by car, forgot to turn off the lights after parking storage, the next day the vehicle directly lying nest. Rescue workers at the scene, gave him a battery conservation class; unfortunately, after a lapse of one month, Mr. Wang forgot to turn off the lights again, resulting in vehicle computer lock, system data is lost, the last car was towed to 4S shop decoding.

      Battery also need careful care

      The battery plays a big role in the cars use, and if it does not power it properly, the engine and the cars circuitry will go wrong. Therefore, car owners usually take good care of it, in order to avoid the engine can not start or drive a sudden halt the dilemma halfway.

      Battery "health" DIY

      In fact, as long as the owner checks the engine every time, take the next one or two minutes to take care of the battery on it. Here are some tips to do their own battery maintenance:

      1, with a damp cloth to scrub the external battery, the panel, the pile head (ie, positive and negative two polar) of the dust, oil, white powder and other easy to cause leakage of dirt wipe clean. This often scrub the battery, the battery will not accumulate pile acid etching powder, the service life will be longer.

      2, open the battery cover and see if the water level in the normal position. General side of the battery there will be on the lower limit of the standard line for your reference. If you find the water level below the subscript line, you must add distilled water, if you can not get the distilled water, you can use filtered tap water to emergency. Water can not add too much, the standard is added to the middle of the upper and lower marking.

      3, check the battery is charging properly. If you have a three-meter, start the engine, the amount of battery voltage, must be more than 13V above normal. Found that the charging voltage is too low, you need to ask professionals to check the charging system. If you do not have three meters, available visual method: After the engine starts, open the battery lid and see if there is no bubble in each cell. The normal situation is constantly bubbles emerge, and more oil will take more; if you find no bubbling, it is likely that the charging system is defective. Special attention is that when doing this test there will be hydrogen, so do not smoke when testing, so as to avoid the risk of explosion fire.

      Battery disconnected anti-run power

      After a long period of parking, the original normal vehicle is difficult to spark, I believe many users have encountered this situation. The battery will be automatically charged when driving normally. When the vehicle is idle, the battery will also be consumed. However, the type and duration of use of the battery and the type of battery used in the vehicle are different. The consumption is also different, so according to the condition of the battery Do check.

      During the idle period of the vehicle it is best to check the batteries every two weeks. For example, to check the electrolyte level, the electrolyte level of the accumulator must be 10-15mm above the plate. If it is not enough, the distilled water should be added in time. Owners can ask friends or family to help take care of vehicles, every other week or two weeks for the vehicle to start 5-10 minutes to charge the battery, but also can check the vehicle has no other problems.

     If you can not find a person to help take care of the car, you can pull out the negative battery to power off the battery, so there will be no power consumption, and re-start as long as remember to connect the electrode on it.

      Low temperature environment to be "special care"

      Low temperature battery capacity at room temperature than when the capacitance is much lower. In a warm place to normal use of batteries to the cold place will suddenly no electricity. Therefore, before winter, to the battery for special care, lest you can not hit the fire in a hurry. In addition to the aforementioned maintenance, the northern region of winter temperatures may fall below 0 ℃ below the area, if the car will be parked in the open for some time, the battery should be removed and stored in a warmer room to prevent the battery junction Ice damaged. When the ambient temperature is below -10 ℃, the discharged battery will freeze. The frozen battery must be thawed prior to charging, otherwise direct charging may cause an explosion, and it is best to use a low current for slow charging.